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"We use Dutch Natural Healing, and we've tried many others. Dutch Natural healing is heads above the rest, and it's the only oil and concentrate we'll use anymore. Our reasons are because you get a really high quality, super concentrated CBD product. And all the others we've tried are more expensive when compared ml to ml". - Gems21 


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Dutch natural healing has developed into one of the best producers of CBD products in recent years. Only high-quality plants are organically grown in the Dutch nursery. A solid basis for a product range with a guaranteed high and continuous product quality. This with the intention to make a positive contribution to your well-being.


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"We develop natural products that do people good and assist us to live active and healthy lives."
Andrea Bamacher, CEO


At the Deep Nature Project, we take our responsibilities toward the natural world, ourselves and each other very seriously. We are convinced that when we, as humans, live in harmony with nature, we can enjoy greater health, awareness, inner strength – and, ultimately, greater quality of life. That is the thought that underpins all Deep Nature activities.




Palmetto Harmony is a family operated business that was created around one special child, Harmony. Harmony was born in 2007 with a rare genetic condition known as “smooth brain” which produces multitudes of seizures that are considered untreatable by modern medicine.

Harmony’s mother, Janel Ralph, was determined to find a treatment that would improve her child’s quality of life. This determination led her to Harmony’s saving grace, the creation of Palmetto Harmony! In 2015, Janel Ralph founded the company Palmetto Synergistic Research LLC and created a product line aptly named Palmetto (for the State Harmony was born in) and Harmony for the child whom she loves unconditionally.





To this craft we bring a diverse background of about 30 years of strategic business design in corporations such as IBM (Harrison), and nearly 40 years of herbal formulation based on holistic, bio-energetic assessment of patient response to nutritional and herbal therapy (Davis).

At HeavenSentHemp™, we are committed to producing healing hemp products that achieve the highest standards of excellence in terms of verifiable medicinal chemistry AND the most coherent bio-energetic resonance.




At The Hemp Company of Dublin, we are especially concentrated on educating people around the potential benefits of nutritional supplements extracted from species of Cannabis which are high in the chemical compound CBD. Ongoing scientific research suggests CBD oil, a dietary supplement, made by extracting CBD from hemp, may be helpful for dealing with a range of health issues, such as chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety. 





Dr. Hemp Me is a new Irish brand of high-grade CBD Oil. As a group of alternative medicine enthusiasts, exploring the option of better health through natural remedies, we often encountered the health benefits of cannabis. It soon became our aim to improve life by using the extraordinary hemp plant.